The Directory of Mantelpieces contains architectural drawings or ‘patterns’ for
some of the most elegant and popular mantelpiece designs of the 18th and 19th
centuries. The ‘anatomy’ of each design is clearly labeled to enable the specifier to
consult the appropriate section of The Directory of Mantelpieces and select the
carved detail for each component and the material in which it is to be carved.

Every carved component offered in The Directory has been copied from an originalmantelpiece that has at some time been part of Chesney’s stock. This technique guarantees total authenticity of detail, as the carver is not being asked to interpret an illustration but rather to exactly replicate the original form. Every carving is entirely hand-produced without the use of any copying machinery and polished and waxed to an antique finish.

The Directory of Mantelpieces is a unique resource and is rapidly becoming the
standard manual for anyone seeking to recreate an authentic and architecturally
correct period mantelpiece that bears the hallmark of personal choice.