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For decades, modernist interiors have proved popular in statement homes, appealing to those with streamlined and minimalist tastes for their living rooms. By covering the key principles of modern design, we’ll guide you to the stove that perfectly suits your modernist style. 

Modern design versus contemporary design

Modernism, or mid-century decor, does away with the ornate and decorative flourishes of classical designs; focusing instead on ‘form follows function.' The result is striking furniture in daring new shapes that make the overall feel of a room more curved and sculptural. 

People often use ‘modern’ to refer to things that are up-to-date. In interior design, however, ‘modern’ only refers to furniture inspired by the modernist movement. The style peaked in the early-to-mid 20th Century and remains popular today. 

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Building your modernist living space 

Prizing minimalism above all else, a modernist home needs certain fundamental elements to fully capture its distinctive look.

First, the color scheme needs to be considered. Modernism is usually associated with white, black and grey walls. But, if you prefer more color, muted olive greens or deep blues will also work well with your theme. Ideally, the color should be painted, rather than wallpapered on. 

Where the color scheme might be limited, there is a huge range of modern light options to choose from. Many shapes and sizes are used in modernist homes, including pendants, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and ceiling lamps all fit the bill. Our favourite is the classic Anglepoise® lamp, one of Britain’s greatest contributions to interior design. 

Subtle details will also influence the look and feel of a space: electrical switches, door hinges, handles, and locks, for example. These should take the same streamlined, unadorned forms with smooth, metallic finishes. 

Finally, choosing the mantel. Most modernist interior designers place this at the heart of the living space. Stoves with a modern metallic or curved design finished with a simple surround of tiling, unpainted wood, or exposed brick would be a timeless choice to compliment the theme. 

What makes a stove modern?  

As your stove is a long-term investment, choosing one that suits your style will be a striking centerpiece in your modernist living room. 

The ideal modernist choice from the Chesneys range of stoves is undoubtedly the Milan 6 — named after a city synonymous with fashion, elegance, and style.

Modern Living - Milan 6.jpg

The design’s simplicity is key. Every detail of the Milan 6 enhances its owner’s experience, even down to the ergonomic grooved handles and its curved front (which gives it a greater capacity than a flat front would). 

A stove can never truly be modernist unless its beauty is matched by how well it functions. The Milan 6 is that and more, with an impressive net energy efficiency of 80.6% (when using properly seasoned logs).  

The Milan 6 warms homes using its multiple fuel capability. Besides seasoned logs, a Milan 6 can burn smokeless fuels, anthracite, and biomass briquettes, giving you the flexibility to use whichever fuel suits your lifestyle. Heating your home in more considered and efficient ways perfectly captures the modernist spirit.  

The fuel store in the Milan 6 is a perfect example of modernist function and simplicity. Not only is its position user-friendly, it also places your fuel center stage in the living space, adding to the palette of raw materials on show. 

If you plan on upgrading to the Milan 6 stove in your home, the black, silver, or Atlantic blue would be great color options to suit the modernist aesthetic. 

Achieving a modernist home  

The trick to achieving a modernist living space is remembering that modernism is underpinned by simple but strict principles. Every element of the space should be:

  • Functional
  • Simple
  • Impactful

If an object or design feature fulfillls these three criteria, it can almost certainly be considered modernist. 

We hope you’ve found this introduction to the beauty of modernist design useful. Follow these simple concepts, and you’ll find designing your home in this style is easier than you might think. To find out how we can help give your home the perfect mix of mid-century minimalism and homely warmth, check out our range of stoves here. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest stockist.  

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