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Studio F7,
Battersea Studios,
80 Silverthorne Road,

The Linen Works has been creating beautifully crafted pure linen products for over ten years. Inspired by a visit to a rustic farmhouse overlooking the Bay of Toulon is how The Linen Works came to be. The house was well loved, lived in and told a story with pieces to treasure. Its pared-down style and simple yet useful things is what still inspire our today’s creations. Our linen has a simple and understated style in soft muted tones, and all of our products are pre-washed for softness, so they already feel like an old friend. 

We endeavour to invest in European craftsmanship and quality, made to stand the test of time and fleeting trends. All of the flax, which is the plant where the linen fibres are from and which is used to make our products, is grown organically in France and Belgium where the plant is native, and then processed and woven into linen at a number of different mills within Europe using traditional craftsmanship and techniques. Linen is 30% stronger than cotton which makes it much more durable for usage around the home. In the kitchen for example, after heavy use linen roller towels will still appear crease-free due to the strength of its natural fibres. Linen fibres are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and antimycotic. It has a natural pH balance which helps to soften and preserve the skin. Woven by hand spun yarn in the past and modern techniques today, there is a rich tradition in its process and method. The natural qualities of this material make it perfect for the home and any lifestyle.

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