Acres Farm Club Fenders


Acres Farm has been manufacturing Club Fenders since 1979. The business is family-owned and run and the fenders are made in our thatched barn by our own skilled team.

We use up to date equipment, but our methods of manufacture, selection of the finest materials and emphasis on quality above all else are in the highest traditions of British workmanship, and we believe that our products are very different in their detail finish to most others.

Acres Farm can manufacture a club fender to your precise requirements and can provide assistance or advice on the design. We are also happy to restore or repair old fenders.

Because we retain complete control of the manufacturing process, we can respond very quickly when necessary. We have delivered a club fender to London for an anniversary party in five days from first diskussions.

Tel: 0118 974 4305
Fax: 0118 974 4012

Acres Farm Club Fenders