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Traditional and Modern Style Fire Baskets, Fire Dogs and Register Grates from Chesney's.

Chesney’s offer a unique collection of fire baskets, fire dogs and register grates. These range from the stunning modernity of the Spherical steel fire dogs and Universal basket to the hand engraved beauty of 18th century fire grates. All the grates and baskets in the collection can be used with a Chesney’s Alchemy coal or log gas fire, or alternatively with a real fire. 

Browse Chesney's Fire Grates and Register Grates Traditional and Modern Collections Today. 

Every grate in the collection is hand crafted as the traditional elements of cast iron, brass and steel are expertly combined to re-create beautiful facsimiles of historic designs. In a number of cases these incorporate the painstaking hand engraved classical ornamentation that is characteristic of many designs of the period. The collection also includes grates and fire dogs that are manufactured using the medium of forged steel which creates a finished product that has a lustrous hand crated quality. The contemporary designs in the collection lead the field in modern fireplace design. These are designs that re-interpret the traditional appearance of the fire grate and fire dogs in a truly innovative manner. The collection also includes a selection of facsimiles of 18th and 19th century register grates. Whether fabricated in steel or cast iron, these are authentic copies of the decorative domestic heating appliances that were so popular during the past two centuries.

Register Grates

The register grate had its origins in the early 19th century when the idea of closing down a fireplace with a radiant steel or cast iron interior to improve its efficiency first emerged.

Fire Baskets, Dogs & Andirons

Chesney's has created a beautiful collection of fire baskets and andirons in designs that will complement any fireplace. The extensive collection of fire baskets available can be adapted to house a gas effect fire.


Gas Fires

High Efficiency Fires, DFE Basket/Grate Fires

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Fireplaces, Baskets/Grates and Fire Dogs

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Fireside Accessories

Screens, Tools and Log Holders

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Mrs Bethan Kain
Mrs Bethan Kain

“Excellent service from everyone at Chesney's - endlessly patient with my questions and dithering."”


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